About The Danish Agricultural Agency

The Danish Agricultural Agency is an agency under the Ministry of Environment and Food. Get to know what we work with.

The staff of the Danish Agricultural Agency, a total of approximately 1,200, strives countrywide to create the optimal conditions for sustainable growth and green transformation in the fields of:

  • Agriculture
  • Plants and horticulture.

Our aim is to secure an efficient and professional administration and reap the most benefits from working across our respective areas.

Cohesive development and growth through a green transition

We work to create growth through green transition. We support the development of the food sector by ensuring that the industry is capable of dealing with the challenges of sustainability by means of subsidies, regulations and control.

We contribute to enhancing the living conditions of the population living in rural and coastal areas in Denmark.

Different types of subsidies

We administer and provide grants for agricultural production, environmental and ecosystem improvements, development programmes, grants for minor projects, and we also administer subsidies for certain types of export.

Regulations and laws

We regulate by drawing up and implementing laws and regulations that are to ensure a sustainable framework for both industry and nature.


We verify that the conditions for grants are met by inspections.

Efficient user-focused service and dialogue

Farmers, gardeners and a wide range of businesses, organisations and authorities are regularly in contact with the Agency.

We emphasise services by ensuring efficient operations, cohesive development, administration of business and environmental policies of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries in order to benefit both the food industry and the environment in Denmark.