Plants and biosecurity

Denmark is a major producer of seeds, plants and seed potatoes. Find out more about export, import and certification of seed and plants on this page.

Danish companies are major producers and exporters of seeds, ornamental plants, seed potatoes, christmas trees/greenery and a number of plant products. It is important that there is a well-functioning and reliable plant health and marketing inspection and certification system in place to facilitate the safe trade of high quality and healthy Danish plants and plant products.

The Plants & Biosecurity Department is responsible for legislation, administration and facilitation of certification and official market-, import-, and export- inspection tasks within the seeds and plants areas. This includes the monitoring for genetically modified crops.

Furthermore, The Department approve producers of wood packaging materials to use the (IPPC) ISPM 15-marking for treated wood packaging and is responsible for the legislation and control concerning compliance with EU norms for the outer quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Denmark is amongst the largest seed exporting nations in the world. Trade in Denmark as well as international trade is based on reliable certification. The Plants & Biosecurity Department is responsible for setting the rules for seed production and seed certification and for ensuring compliance with these rules. Seed certification activities include field inspections, seed sampling, laboratory tests and pre- and post-control testing

International trade

Genetically modified (GM) crops

The unit monitors the compliance with regulations on cultivation of genetically modified crops. As the first EU member state, Denmark has adopted legislation on co-existence of conventional, organic and GM crops. The aim of the legislation on co-existence is to limit the spread of GM-material to conventional and organic fields and crops if a GM-crop is cultivated commercially.

The TystofteFoundation

TystofteFoundation is formally established and heading for future success through newly established foundation.

 The TystofteFoundation


The Plants & Biosecurity Department

The Plants & Biosecurity Department is the National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) of Denmark and is responsible for fulfilling the duties and obligations according to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). Furthermore the Department is the Danish competent authority according to European Union legislation ((EU) 2017/625 and (EU) 2016/2031).

International Cooperation and Negotiations

The Danish Agricultural Agency participates in international collaboration at many levels in various fields of expertise.


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