Environmental Affairs

The Environment division contributes to the protection of the Danish water supply.

The Environment division contributes to the protection of the Danish water supply by ensuring that farmers and owners of nurseries and woodlands only use the permitted volumes of fertiliser in order to prevent leaching of nitrogen into our groundwater, lakes and fjords.

The Aquatic Environment Scheme and fertilizer accounts

The Aquatic Environment Scheme is introduced to address the problems with nitrogen leaching into the water supply, and therefore, according to Danish regulations, it is compulsory for most farmers to forward accounts on the use of fertilisers containing nitrogen.

The Environment division contributes to achieving the goals of the Danish Aquatic Environment Scheme by handling the fertiliser accounts. Every year, we receive almost 60,000 fertiliser accounts – some of which are subjected to further checks. We also inspect a number of farms to ensure that the submitted information in the fertiliser accounts is in fact correct.

Participants ind EU Commission's work

The division participates as experts in the EU Commission's work concerning the Nitrate Directive aimed at restricting nitrogen leaching. We attend workshops and sit on the various boards on ad hoc basis. Furthermore the Environment division participates in EU projects assisting new EU member states implement regulations to limit the use of pesticides.


Environment & Business Regulation
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