Inspections are central to the activities of The Danish Agricultural Agency. Inspections are carried out to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Inspections are carried out to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations within our field of expertise and include:

  • legislation on the safety of feed and foods
  • the Danish eco-label
  • the aquatic environment
  • animal welfare
  • EU subsidies 
  • the certificates necessary for Denmark's considerable exports of plants and seeds. 

Direct inspections

These important tasks are largely based upon direct inspections conducted at:

  • at farms
  • horticultural facilities 
  • business premises. 

The Inspections Division is responsible for coordinating The Danish Agricultural Agency's inspections and ensuring that payout of national and EU subsidy schemes is based on reliable information. Direct inspections are carried out in accordance with EU-regulations, and the EU conducts regular inspections to ensure that Denmark and the remaining EU member states comply with common guidelines.

Regional offices and requested inspections

The direct inspections are carried out by The Danish Agricultural Agency's five regional offices.

Due to the large variety of inspections conducted by The Danish Agricultural Agency, we aim to combine different inspections to improve service and minimize the number of visits at each farm. The Danish Agricultural Agency may also be requested to carry out commissioned inspections on behalf of the Danish Dairy Board or foreign authorities in order to authorise and verify the quality of Danish products.


Area Control
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