Registration of a fertiliser, growing medium, biostimulant etc.

Find a guide to register products for sale in Denmark as well as forms for it.

You may be obliged to register your fertiliser product for sale with the Danish Agency for Agriculture. See the rules for dealers in soil improvers etc.

Here you can see which products must be registered for sale at the Danish Agency for Agriculture.

  • Inorganic fertilisers (artificial fertilisers)
  • Organic fertilisers (fertilisers with vegetable or animal content)
  • Composting preparations
  • Liming agents
  • Peat products
  • Compost
  • Other soil improvers
  • Growth media/growth media
  • Inoculum cultures/microbial biostimulants

Certain organic fertilisers such as sewage sludge and livestock manure are exempt from the notification obligation and therefore do not have to be notified for sale.

Here are some examples of fertilisers that do not have to be registered for sale:

  • Livestock manure
  • Degassed biomass
  • Sewage sludge
  • Potato fruit juice
  • Meat and bone meal that is not packaged and sold at retail.

However, you must still remember to report deliveries of exempted products in the Supplier Register for fertiliser deliveries.

Supplier register for fertiliser delivers (in Danish)

Anyone who imports, produces, packages or sells products must register their products for sale. This means that the same product can be registered for sale by several retailers if the product's labeling is changed. This ensures the traceability of the products.

You must not report the product if:

  • You only import the product for your own consumption
  • You resell a product in packaged form from another company that has already registered the product for sale. If you break the seal or change the packaging of the product, the product must also be registered for sale at your own company.

When you have to register a new product for sale with the Danish Agency for Agriculture, you must prepare two documents:

  • A draft of the labeling that you intend to use with the product. The labeling must be in accordance with the fertiliser order.
  • Fill in the Danish Agency for Agriculture's notification form for fertilisers and soil improvers etc.

Registration form for fertilisers and soil improvers etc.

The PDF is writeable, so no need to print it to fill out.

When the two documents are ready, you must attach them to an email and send them to

You will then receive an auto-generated receipt stating that your email has been received by Jordbrugskontrol.

You will then get the product's unique product number, which is assigned to all products, from Jordbrugskontrol.

The processing time for notification of fertiliser, growing media etc. is expected to be two to six weeks. Review of biostimulants can take considerably longer, depending on the content.
You can read more about how to label your product in the guidance on notification of fertilisers and soil improvers etc.

You can read about how to label your product, and the rules about fertiliser in general here:

The guidance on notification of fertiliser (in Danish)

The Danish Agency for Agriculture charges a notification fee of DKK 1,147 per product. In addition, it costs DKK 1,147 for each subsequent year the company has registered the fertiliser, as well as an annual fee depending on the product type and quantity sold.


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